About fairly marvellous - Whitstable Web Designers

We're a family run business, based in Whitstable, Kent.

With years of corporate experience and training, followed by running our own companies, we've learnt how to help small businesses make the most of the web, to help them become big.


Jonathan Gwyer

Self-confessed geek since 1981, WordPress specialist, Google partner, Facebook mentor, and Microsoft certified since 1996. Jonathan will be your main contact through your fairly marvellous journey.


Helen Gwyer

Jonathan's driving force and first line of opposition. If the design or content isn't up to Helen's standards then it's back to the drawing board. Helen also manages content and social media for select clients.


Jo Hardstaff

Jo is our social media manager, chief landing page creator and website editor. She also has mad skills in Mailchimp automation and design.


Heather Scott

Heather joined us as a Non-Executive Director when we converted to CIC status, bringing her third sector experience and an important cat owner's perspective to an otherwise rather doggy company.

Heather is also our go-to person for all things content, as an experienced and highly skilled copywriter.


Tabitha Fox

Tabitha completed our CIC team as another Non-Executive Director and multiple cat owner.

Her marketing and business development expertise combined with her third sector experience is a valuable addition to our extended fm family.


Gizzie Gwyer

Gizzie is an award-winning exercise and wellbeing coach. Her role is to welcome visitors and help them relax and ensure that our geek sees sunlight, stretches his legs and breathes fresh air occasionally.

What makes us different?

When we started building websites for clients we had a bit of a surprise. Not by the number of people who came to us who didn't have a website, but by the number of people who came to us who did already have one.

Yes, some had tried to build their own sites, encouraged by the TV ads that say how easy it is but were disappointed and demotivated by the results.

But what shocked us was how many people would rather come to us and have us replace their existing website entirely than go back to the person who originally built it and ask them to make changes.

This led us to develop our revolutionary monthly packages - a payment plan not a lease - because we want our work with clients more than just a transaction, it's the start of a relationship.

We may not be the first web design/development company you deal with, but we hope to be the last.


fairly marvellous was a new name for the website design and implementation section of HDG Networks, where we had been building websites since 2007.  Launched in 2011, fairly marvellous allowed us to provide a better service at even better prices.

During 2013 it became apparent that most of our work in our Whitstable office was focussed on the web design side and less and less on IT support. In July of that year we stopped promoting the HDG services and started finding our IT clients alternative support solutions.

Since 2014, HDG have only provided specialised services to a small and exclusive, invite-only client list.

In 2019 we launched a Community Interest Company - a side project called "Website in a Day" - but during lockdown 2020 we decided that was where our hearts really were. The side project became our focus and we became fairly marvellous c.i.c.