Headway tip – removing Category Archives title

This is a slight change in the nature of the blog posts here. Sometimes I find useful snippets of code or ideas that other WordPress / Headway geeks may enjoy. If this post makes no sense to you whatsoever, don’t worry, it’s not supposed to!

If you’re using the Headway theme and you want to remove the heading “Category Archives:” from the archive pages, in your child theme’s functions.php or using a plugin like My Custom Functions add this bit of code:

With thanks to http://support.headwaythemes.com/discussion/22304/remove-category-archives-title/p1

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Jonathan Gwyer first delved into geekery with a ZX81 in 1981 and has been working in IT since 1990.

A Microsoft Certified Professional with many years of large corporate experience and training, he now focuses on helping small businesses make the most of their IT.
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