Using Yoast? “Your homepage cannot be indexed by search engines” – DON’T PANIC!

How to clear that worrying "Your homepage cannot be indexed by search engines" message from Yoast.

UPDATE 25/11/15: OnPage have reached out to ask us to link over to their special OnPage & Yoast FAQ page – which we’re very happy to do!

UPDATE 23/11/15: Well, Yoast SEO is now on version 3.03, so most problems should be resolved. If you’re still stuck, try

UPDATE 18/11/15: Yoast have since released SEO version 3.01 that resolves this problem – just update as usual.


A flash new version of Yoast SEO has rolled out this morning and, for those of us who like to keep on top of updates, some will be seeing this rather surprising message:

Your homepage cannot be indexed by search engines
Your homepage cannot be indexed by search engines

Sounds scary, doesn’t it? And to make it worse, the link doesn’t go anywhere useful, just straight to Yoast’s homepage.

Don’t Panic

The error has been caused by Yoast adding in functionality to check your homepage with OnPage – read more here. Unfortunately, it adds the functionality but doesn’t check the status when installing. So the default is you’ve failed the test.

On your WordPress dashboard just scroll down to find the Yoast SEO Posts Overview widget and click the button “Fetch the current status”.

Click "Fetch the current status"
Click “Fetch the current status”

Moments later your red light should change to green and the scary little warning should disappear next time you refresh your dashboard.

Not Clever

So, nothing to worry about. But not very clever panicking all your users, Yoast!

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22 thoughts on “Using Yoast? “Your homepage cannot be indexed by search engines” – DON’T PANIC!”

  1. I’m seeing a blue hyperlink warning about the Homepage but no Yoasts Post overview 🙁 Does it usually appear under the Yoast SEO menu on the LH side of the Admin panel?

  2. Joost (Yoast) is actually coming with a fix tomorrow (Thursday) because there are more problems with the update (it screws up all websites built with the popular Divi Theme for instance).

  3. Mine still does not work, I still get the error message? Also don’t know how to change snippet code or meta description with the new Yoast 🙁

  4. I tried this solution and when I clicked on Fetch, refreshed my dashboard, the error is still there. The only way I could make that go away is to disable the “Enable indexability check”. I guess that won’t hurt? Also, I found a post by Chris from OnPage pointing Wordfence as a reason so he advised to “turn off the block fake google crawlers options in WordFence” so they can crawl. Hoping for the best result.. 🙂

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