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How we stopped contact form spam with CleanTalk

The first “spam” email was sent in 1978 and we’ve been battling it ever since. It’s an annoyance that has become less of a problem as email services have improved their filtering, but for people running a business online, contact form spam is still a big headache. You can skip my explanation / rant and jump…

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Using Yoast? “Your homepage cannot be indexed by search engines” – DON’T PANIC!

UPDATE 25/11/15: OnPage have reached out to ask us to link over to their special OnPage & Yoast FAQ page – which we’re very happy to do! UPDATE 23/11/15: Well, Yoast SEO is now on version 3.03, so most problems should be resolved. If you’re still stuck, try UPDATE 18/11/15: Yoast have since released SEO…

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5 reasons your website is like a dog

Over the last couple of days, we’ve had an extra resident at Fairly Marvellous Hall. This is Phoebe and she’s been staying with us while her family went away for a night. She’s great fun, very friendly, and loves having her tummy rubbed. She also takes over the house, can be a right pain and…

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