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How to hide your address on Nextdoor

Nextdoor is the replacement and I’m distinctly unimpressed so far. In particular, they think it’s acceptable to display your home address for all to see. So if you want to give Nextdoor the benefit of the doubt but not reveal your full address – here’s how… Continue Reading

Hello 2016

As we embark on a new year, we tend to take a little inward look at ourselves and decide to make some New Year’s Resolution or other. I’m not a big fan of resolutions but it does occur to me that I use one phrase far too often during client meetings. The cobbler’s children have… Continue Reading

How we stopped contact form spam with CleanTalk

The first “spam” email was sent in 1978 and we’ve been battling it ever since. It’s an annoyance that has become less of a problem as email services have improved their filtering, but for people running a business online, contact form spam is still a big headache. You can skip my explanation / rant and jump… Continue Reading

Headway tip – removing Category Archives title

This is a slight change in the nature of the blog posts here. Sometimes I find useful snippets of code or ideas that other WordPress / Headway geeks may enjoy. If this post makes no sense to you whatsoever, don’t worry, it’s not supposed to! If you’re using the Headway theme and you want to… Continue Reading

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