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The Great #portfoliocatchup

The Great #portfoliocatchup 3

We’ve written about the cobbler’s children having no shoes before and it certainly seems that we are so busy expanding our website design portfolio that we never have time to update it! However, we’ve given our website a little refresher, especially the portfolio section, so it seemed a good time to start catching up. So,…

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Hello 2016

Hello 2016 8

As we embark on a new year, we tend to take a little inward look at ourselves and decide to make some New Year’s Resolution or other. I’m not a big fan of resolutions but it does occur to me that I use one phrase far too often during client meetings. The cobbler’s children have…

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A Busy Summer for our Portfolio

A Busy Summer for our Portfolio 9

It seems like ages since we last updated our portfolio. The cobbler’s children never have shoes, just as our own site is usually the last to be worked on! However, our clients keep telling us we should be blowing our own trumpet more often, so here goes…

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