How To Make the Most of Video Conferencing

Our friend Maddie, from Fides Films, shares her top Zoom tips with us.

Over the last few months we’ve been using video conferencing solutions like Zoom more and more, and it’s certainly had a big, positive impact on our business.

When using it for business though, it’s good to remember that we are projecting an image of our company in the way we present ourselves – something we all want to make sure we project well.

On a recent networking call we watched a great presentation on how to get the most from Zoom (and others) and we’re very grateful that the person who gave that presentation has re-recorded it for us to share with you.

A big thank you to Maddie Duggan of Fides Films for putting this together for us.

Key points from the video

1. Onscreen

  • Composition
    • Be centre-screen, static and at eyeline level with your camera.
  • Sound
    • Use a microphone and sit in a place you won’t be disturbed.
  • Branding
    • Whether ‘live’ or ‘virtual’, your background branding needs to work for you, not against you.
    • Your background is your set, your stage. Use it to indicate elements of your personality or business that you wouldn’t ordinarily have the opportunity to do.
    • If you’re using a virtual background, tack up a green screen cloth behind you and light yourself evenly by bouncing a light off the ceiling or your wall.
  • Your image
    • Dress appropriately to your work and client/customer expectations
    • Sit up straight – good for impressions and posture
    • If you’re distracted, turn off your camera and mic momentarily
    • Don’t automatically start with video on – check your ‘set’ and image first and switch on when you’re happy.

2. Offscreen

  • Environment
    • Be memorable for the right reasons
    • Control what people see and hear
    • A clear and focused work area
    • Close the door to family and pets
  • ‘Other’ Work
    • Be ‘in the room’ when on calls, disabling other windows and notifications
    • Write notes in the meeting for follow-ups – don’t distract yourself by following up during the meeting
    • If you’re networking, pre-write your pitch and contact details. Do an engaging read of your pitch to camera and drop your details into the chat as soon as you’ve finished speaking.
    • React overtly when on mute and give feedback with thumbs up, applause and approving nods
    • Use the chat function sparingly and only when appropriate; if you want to have a private word, use the drop down button but remember the host can see everything you say.

3. Top tips

  • Space bar – use when on mute to quickly say something
  • Use the blue … on your picture to change your name to something appropriately memorable and descriptive
  • Use the chat … to save the whole chat script for later
  • Annotate your screen share for gratifying ‘ooh’s and ‘aah’s from your peers
  • Turn on closed captions for those hard of hearing
  • Use emojis in your chat and your name; whatever you choose, it’ll break up the black and white and help you to stand out.

About Fides Films

Fides Films is a target and data-led end-to-end video production company in the hubbub of East Folkestone, Kent. From concept creation to shoot; through to measuring success, Fides will show you how to achieve measurable goals by building amazing video content.

It simply starts with an informal chat, so get in touch.

Featured image from a recent meeting with Social Enterprise Kent

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