Misty Mornings are Here

And it can only mean one thing. Foglamp chaos.

It’s that time of year, colder weather brings misty mornings, which leads to a pet peeve.

Inappropriate foglamp use!

Ok, so what’s that got to do with website design? Well, as I was driving around a foggy Whitstable it made me think of the three types of offender…

1. The No Lights At All

Usually compounded by the unlit car being generally grey in colour, just so it blends in with the road and fog as much as possible.

This is the business that has no website at all. Sure, they can see where they’re going, but their customers will never find them.

When our packages start at just 50p a day, there really is no excuse!

2. Foglamps on All Day

There was a hint of mist at 7am. It’s now 6pm, perfectly clear and I’m being blinded by the car in front who still has their foglamps on.

(This is my real pet peeve, feel free to explore the Highway Code for when you *should* put them on, and why you shouldn’t be using them in the rain).

This is the business with a website that never gets updated. Probably still got a message on the homepage announcing Covid restrictions.

All our packages include ongoing updates, so you never have to worry about glaring errors on your site.

3. The Daytime Running Lighter

A new curse of the modern car. The front of the car is lit up like a Christmas tree, all those funky LEDs. The driver basks in the glow of the digital dashboard, thinking their lights are on. But from behind, there are no lights at all, they’re invisible.

This is the DIY website builder, perhaps they’re using Wix or Squarespace. Sometimes even the “professional” designer falls into this category. They know enough to get a nice-looking website up and running.

From where they’re looking, it’s a lovely site. But dig a bit deeper, you’ll find bits that don’t work so well on mobile. Or their ranking will be being damaged by a bloated and slow site. Some of the links won’t work properly, sometimes things won’t quite fit on the screen.

All these little details add up to make a big impact, which is why we’re obsessed with them.

Could that be you?

Before you venture out onto those mean streets, perhaps you’d better have a chat with us. We’ll check all your bulbs are working.

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