Making the most of your content – online and off!

A presentation I gave to Business over Breakfast on using website content across social media and offline networking.

One of my favourite high horses is telling people that it’s easier than they think to generate content for their website and social media. After all, part of being in business is telling people what you do.

This is particularly apt for those in networking groups, like the Business Over Breakfast club I’m a member of.

At each meeting we give a 60-second introduction to ourselves – if you can come up with an original 60 seconds every week or so, then it’s easy to recycle that into a Facebook post.

We take turns giving 10-minute presentations, something you should be able to turn into at least one or two blog posts.

Anyway, it was my 10 minutes last week, so I tried to get this message across using my “Stepladder Theory” – and I recorded it, so you can enjoy watch it too…

[responsive_vimeo 262407320]


The Stepladder Theory

Every business’ online presence is like a stepladder – your website is at the top, made up of pages as the next rung and, if you have a blog, that’s the next rung down.

Then we add more rungs with social media, Facebook, LinkedIn, you name it.

The top of the ladder is more formal, less frequently updated, and most under our control. As you move down the ladder we begin to show more of our personality, we update more often, we share more content from others, but we also start to lose ownership and control – our content is surrounded by the content of others.

The aim is to use our content near the top to feed our content near the bottom, and then use the platforms at the bottom to encourage our potential customers to move up our ladder to places that we control and can influence them with.


The trick isn’t to have the tallest step ladder in the world, just to try and make sure our ladder is taller than our competitors’.

If you’d like help building your ladder, or you’d like to visit my BoB club, get in touch!



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