Search Engine Optimisation

Do you do SEO?

At about half of our initial client meetings we get asked the question “Do you do SEO?” If only there was a simple answer.

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A history of Google search engine optimisation crackdowns

Since Google started, the holy grail of search engine optimisation has been to find a secret way to the top. It used to be easy – fill your page with keywords, add a meta keywords tag (ha ha!) and get as many incoming links as possible. Spam, spam, spam, spam, spam… (a little Monty Python…

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The (not so big) secrets of On Page SEO

In this article I want to try and take away some of the mystery around search engine optimisation. There are two parts of this puzzle and we’re going to start with on page SEO, although I will cover a couple of things that will help with off page. It’s quite a long article and may…

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