Five good reasons your website needs a sheepdog

Every shepherd needs a sheepdog, every business needs a website, and every website should have a web designer/developer

Ask any farmer with more than a handful of sheep if they need a sheepdog, they will probably say yes. Sure, they could live without it, but they know how much easier their life is because of their dog.

So, replace ‘sheep farm’ with ‘any business’ and ‘sheepdog’ with ‘professional web designer/developer/support/geek’ and I’ll explain why every website needs a sheepdog webdev …


1) Your job is to run and grow your business

There may be many tasks you are completely qualified to do and are so integral to your business that you have to do them. You don’t need someone to drive your van, but you do need someone to service it. You might be quite happy entering all your expenses into a spreadsheet but your accountant completes your annual tax return. You don’t run madly after every single sheep.

These do-it-yourself websites might be quite easy, but they are only free if your time is worthless. Your highly trained webdev can do things quicker, more effectively and maybe even cheaper than you.


2) A poor workman blames his tools, a good one looks after them

A sheepdog is fast and agile. It has built-in 4-leg-drive for handling muddy fields, their ears pick up your every command and their bark is perfectly tuned to bossing about sheep.

Your webdev has all those expensive/complicated bits of software for editing images, creating layouts and building sites. They speak fluent HTML/CSS/gobbledegook and have a variety of devices and browsers to hand for testing their work.

The cost of all those tools, knowledge and experience is spread across all their clients, so you can access the best technology for a fraction of the price.


3) Nobody knows your business better than you

When sheep listen to a farmer, they hear ‘blah-blah-blah’ – they’re not renowned for following commands. A sheepdog translates those instructions into noises and actions your sheep can react to.

All that knowledge and experience, you can answer any question. But your webdev has to understand – just like your customers. If a potential customer doesn’t understand what you’ve written on your website, you’ve lost them. Your webdev will help you translate your knowledge.

Now, I’m not suggesting your customers are like sheep … but, well … moving on …


4) Nobody knows everything

You’ve checked the weather forecast, you know where your sheep are going tonight and you know which market you want to take them to, but only your sheepdog hears the strange noises at night and warns you of burglars.

Your sheepdog knows little Johnny has fallen down the well. Again.

Your webdev knows about a lot more than just your business. They know about that really useful tool for collecting information that could help you. They know about the really simple service for getting your clients to sign up for direct debits or an easy way to take credit card payments. They’ve built or studied solutions to problems you didn’t even realise you had.


5) They’re cute, loyal, fluffy and cheap to run

Ok, this one may be pushing it a bit. I can only truly speak for the team at fairly marvellous when I say this…

Loyal & cheap – our website packages are designed to treat every business as a relationship and not just another website, at a price that’s amazingly affordable.

Cute & fluffy – well, that would probably be Gizzie.


Fancy trying a different way to run a website for your business?

Get in touch with the best sheepdogs in Kent!


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