Celebrating #Web30 with a blast from the past

30 years ago, the world wide web was born. I was a bit of an early adopter...

If you’ve Googled anything today then you’ve probably seen this…

Google’s 30 years of the web doodle

On this day, 30 years ago, Tim Berners-Lee submitted a proposal that set the starting point of the “World Wide Web.”

I’d love to say “I was there” but I was too busy with learning to drive and using my old manual dial up modem to connect to “bulletin boards.”

I had my first internet connection at home in 1992 and I’ve tried to go back and find my first forays into the world of website design, but I cannot even remember what my old Geocities address was!

Somehow I managed to achieve some kind of internet “fame” with the first Hamster to have a homecage in 1993 – Fluff used to receive emails and postcards from school children in the US but sadly the earliest archive I can find is from 1995/96.

Images weren’t exactly high resolution back then.

My first paying customer for website design was back in 1994 but “WebWeave” has long since disappeared.

And 1997 saw me start my first blog, or something approaching it. My Daisy the Land Rover site was quite popular even managing a sponsored post in 2002. Amazingly, they’re still live, but looking extremely dated. I hope I’ve aged better.

At least I don’t build all my sites in Notepad now.

Just bits of them.

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