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How to hide your address on Nextdoor

Nextdoor is the replacement and I’m distinctly unimpressed so far. In particular, they think it’s acceptable to display your home address for all to see. So if you want to give Nextdoor the benefit of the doubt but not reveal your full address – here’s how…

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Why Facebook Like Ladders are worse than a waste of time

If you hang around any of the business groups on Facebook, you’ll probably see Like Ladders pop up now and again. If you comment on the post with a link to your page, and Like the page of everyone who has commented before you, they will all Like your page. It’s just like any chain…

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Finally some good news for Facebook Page managers!

Lots of people have had a downer on Facebook recently, and it seems every time they change something there is uproar. But the recent changes for Page managers on the browser client make such a difference, it’s a shame more people aren’t shouting about it.

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