Time to meet?

Sometimes you've just got to burst out the page and meet face-to-face!

We use the awesome Acuity Scheduling to synchronise with our calendar and make it really simple to book an appointment. No more message ping-pong - book straight in!

The following options are available...

Zoom Call - it's like being there

Since lockdown, Zoom has revolutionised the way we interact with our clients. Not only can we talk "face-to-face" we can share screens and work together.

Slots available most afternoons.


Jonathan comes to you

Nothing beats being able to see you in your business location to help understand your needs

Slots available most mornings & afternoons.

We meet "half" way

Perhaps you're just too far from Whitstable, or coming to you just doesn't work. Pick a convenient location (I like coffee) and I'll see you there.

Slots available most mornings & afternoons.

You come to us

Visit us in the fairly marvellous office on the outskirts of Whitstable. Useful for when we need (lots of) big screens, plus you might even meet Gizzie.

Slots available most afternoons.

Cannot find a slot?

We try to keep Mondays and Fridays free for client work, and evenings free for family. But if you cannot fit into any of our usual slots, just reply to the email that directed you here and we'll see what we can do.