Just the FACTs - Frequently Asked Conditions & Terms

(do you see what we did there?)

The purpose of this document is to answer any questions about, and set down any terms or conditions, for the service we provide.

We don’t want to hide behind a lot of legal mumbo-jumbo, being big fans of honesty, reason and common sense, so we hope we've answered most queries below. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Apologies if it’s a long, boring page of text, but it makes it much easier to “cut out and keep”.

Updated 21st July 2017


1. Payment


1.1 Kick-off

When you decide to start your journey towards having a fairly marvellous website, we ask you to set up your monthly payments and provide you with an invoice that covers the first 24 months.

We will register your domain name (if you haven’t already got one), configure your choice of email, set up the development site.

Any payments made before the site goes live cover the above costs, any stock images and enough coffee to fire up our imagination. They are not refundable but the domain name (subject to you taking on renewals with the registrar) and any images are yours even if you decide not to launch.


1.2 Cancelling

You can cancel at any time and keep your domain name, but you can only keep the website we have built if the invoice has been paid in full. If we are hosting your email then we will help you set up an alternative so you can continue to receive emails.


1.3 If I do cancel, will you just shutdown the site?

No, we will try to help you work out your next steps first. We've seen how some of our 'competitors' work - shutting down sites at the hint of any change. Just because things are not right now, we'd like you to come back or recommend us to your friends and colleagues.

This is explained in depth (and with more pictures) at https://fairlymarvellous.co.uk/packages-prices/pay-monthly-websites/


1.4 What happens after 24 months?

Your monthly payments continue and we keep providing the same level of service. However, if you do decide to end our relationship, you can take your website with you.



2. Ownership & Access


2.1 Who owns my website?

You do (as long as your invoice has been paid in full). This is not a rental package or lease. Of particular importance, we always register domain names to our clients, not to us. If you decide to 'leave' you keep your domain name.


2.2 Can I update the site myself?

Yes, you will have Editor access to make changes whenever you like, after all - it's your site! However, many of our clients like to know they can change things if they want, but find it easier to ask us to make the changes for them, which is why we include updates in our packages.


2.3 How many changes can I ask you to make?

This depends on your package and if we find you consistently need more than this we'll have a chat, not spring a bill on you.